Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't Forget to Add Your Recipes!

I would LOVE to have more of your recipes!

To add a recipe/post, you can email them to me at foodthatsgood@yahoo.com 
sign in to blogger as:

username: foodthatsgood@yahoo.com
password: GoodFood

Click on "New Post" and you're set. Be sure to include the Recipe Title in the "Title" section and at the end of your post, please include your name (first only is fine) and about where you're from. 

If your recipe comes from a website, just post the link - you don't have to write it all out (I know we're all busy here!).

Thanks again to Carla and my anonymous Simple Lasagna poster.  And to all of you who will post in the future, I look forward to trying your recipes!

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