Tuesday, August 5, 2008


After cooking the same recipes for the last 8 years, I'm ready for a change!  I've been inspired to cook something great...well lots of things great.  I am on a quest for not just new recipes, but GOOD recipes.  So I've been checking out different food/cooking/recipe blogs and sites and am excited to get back into the groove of cooking good again.  

I plan to post new and old recipes I've made.  If you have any good food finds PLEASE post them!  I'd LOVE to try them and share them with you all!

To add a recipe/post, log in as:

username:  foodthatsgood@yahoo.com
password:  GoodFood

Click on "New Post" and you're set.  Be sure to include the Recipe Title in the "Title" section and at the end of your post, please include your name (first only is fine) and about where you're from.  Thanks!

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