Friday, April 10, 2009

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

(photo from Sidetracked Moms)

Since Easter is just around the corner and we have not yet dyed our Easter eggs, I am (as I type this) boiling my eggs so that we can have a little Easter egg dying party tomorrow...well me and my boys anyway.  I've never been very good at boiling eggs.  I always forget how to cook them and usually boil the water, then put the eggs in, causing them to crack and all that fun stuff.  I'm never really very successful, thus I'm usually not in charge of making them.  This year I did my research and so far it has definitely paid off!  I found some awesome directions on "How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs."  My first 3 dozen (my 4th is on the stove right now) have literally turned out perfect.  Out of the 36 eggs I only found 2 or 3 slightly fractured shells.  Now that is a record for me!  Usually they have gaping crevices with egg white flowing out of them.  
The key to keeping the eggs from cracking is really to put the eggs in a cool pan, cover with cold water, therefore bringing the temperature up slower.  Its when they go from extreme cold to extreme hot that they crack (or when you drop them to the bottom of the pan...that's not real good either!).

One trick I learned long ago (but never remember to do until I'm ready to cook them) is to place the eggs sideways (as opposed to up and down) a couple hours before you actually boil them.  This is supposed to cause the yolks to be more centered so that when you peel them the yolk isn't so close to the white that it falls all know what I mean!

All of you boiling eggs this weekend....good luck to you!

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