Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Night of Delicious Food!

I apologize for my lack of posts, but my internet is still down and I can only get in blogging whenever I come to work with my hubby (and of course I always forget my recipes when I do!). So I still don't have recipes for you, but I do have a restaurant review...mmm.

Last night my parents kept our boys for the night (yay, I actually got some sleep for once!), so my hubby & I took the opportunity to go out to eat. My sister-in-law texted us from Utah saying she was at La Dolce Vita (our absolute favorite Italian in Utah!). Oh we were SO jealous. They have the most awesome white sauce! My absolute favorite to this day is the Pasta a Grate. Oh my deliciousness! It makes me salivate just thinking about it. I think we've converted all of our friends and family to it. My hubby's favorite is the Canellonne with a side of Pasta a Grate. Oh yum!

So we were jealous and had Italian on the brain, so we headed to Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant. We've been to the one in SLO many times and to their little Giuseppe's Express in Pismo many, many times, but never to the actual Pismo restaurant. Mmm, it's so good! My favorite is always their Ravioli de Zucca (butternut squash ravioli)...oh it is so divine, but I decided to try something new this time. I have a hard time doing that since I know what I like and I don't want to chance getting something I don't. But I did it and I got the Petto de Pollo alla Creme e Basillico. That would be a free-rance chicken breast drenched in basil cream sauce and served with cheese tortelloni and these really, really good green beans seasoned to awesomeness. It was SO tasty! The sauce was nice and creamy (me likey!), but because it was basil based, it wasn't too heavy, which made it more enjoyable.

My hubby had the Spiedini Di Gamberoni "Lovers Plate" which was rosemary-skewered jumbo shrimp wrapped with pancetta and grilled and served with butternut squash ravioli and red pepper romesco sauce. No wonder its called the "Lovers Plate" because he was in love. I don't know SLO Giuseppe's, I think Pismo's definitely got a heads up on you. I'm more of the rustic type anyway :)

So if you live near Provo, UT, try out La Dolce Vita or if you're in the CA Central Coast any time soon, definitely stop by Guiseppe's either in SLO or Pismo. Now I want to run home and eat my leftovers!

Okay, one more restaurant plug. After dinner we headed down to the Pismo pier, where to our surprise they were having their Farmer's Market (I've lived in the area for how long and I never knew they had a Farmer's Market!). They had some awesome looking stuff, but we were so full from dinner that we didn't try any. BUT there was this Caribbean food booth there...That Caribbean Restaurant (yep, that's the name) and the guy made us try samples. We were SO full, but we tried them anyway. Oh my yummy. They were so good! We tried the Brown Stew Chicken and the Curry Chicken. I don't think I've ever had Caribbean food before, but it was good. I liked the Curry the best and my hubby the Brown Stew. But they both were delicious. SO if you're up for some great Caribbean food on the Central Coast, check them out. They're at Pismo's Farmer's Market every Wednesday night and at the Laguna Lake Golf Course every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday or you can check go to their website and have them cater for you...that'd be good!

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