Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tasty Soups

I have been slacking off again in the cooking department these past 2 weeks.  I was out of town, then since I've been back I've been cooking, just nothing out of the ordinary that I haven't already posted.  I did make some yummy spaghetti last night, but the sauce was just T.J.'s with some added ground beef and seasonings.  

To add some sizzle to the griddle, at church on Sunday we were asked to participate in a little emergency preparedness experiment.  They asked that we would not shop from that point on until next Monday.  So in other words, don't shop for a whole week and see how you do with whats in your kitchen (of course if we can't we don't have to starve ourselves or anything and if there is an emergency we can go...its just an experiment!).  So we've been trying that out.  So far so good.  Luckily canning, freezing, and food storage is important to me, so we definitely won't starve (I don't know how good the meals will be though).

So this whole emergency preparedness thing kind of makes it hard to try some new recipes, but until I do have another one to post (and you are still ALWAYS welcome to post one of your own!) I thought I'd share some recipes I WANT to try.  Hopefully I'll get around to doing so in the next little bit, but until then, feel free to try them yourself and let me know how they turn out!  And I don't know, who knows, maybe I'll post some of my Emergency Preparedness meals!  So here are some yummy soups (since I've been in a soupy mood with all this rain and cold!).

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