Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good Gadget Review: Electric Citrus Juicer

I'm starting something new called a "Good Gadget Review."  It'll showcase kitchen gadgets that I/you/we just can't (or would rather not) live without.  For my first one, lets explore the wondrous electric citrus juicer.

(image courtesy of wikipedia)
We've got lots of citrus trees - oranges, lemons, limes - but what's a girl to do with so much fruit?  Why make juice of course!  And nothing is better in the morning than freshly squeezed orange juice!  But to have to squeeze those oranges by hand is no good at all, so thats why last year I broke down and treated myself to an electric citrus juicer.  I think I got it at Walmart or somewhere, I don't know, but I do know that it only cost $9.99 - nothing to totally break the bank - and oh how I LOVE it!  I like to freeze the juice in ice cube trays (then store them in ziplocks) and pull them out for smoothies or drinks later.  

Julie R.

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